How You Got Here


We are thrilled that everyone who uses our cloth diapers, knows they are getting an authentic Alimama diaper worthy of the most spoiled baby girls and boys.

Before I created Alimama, I bought many different leading brands of cloth diapers to use on my firstborn son, Ali. I started with the most affordable options, being pocket diapers with microfiber inserts and cotton prefolds with covers. I then tried a couple fitted diapers which were too bulky and took forever to dry. I also invested in some various brands of all-in-ones (AIO), the most convenient type. I quickly grew an impatience for stuffing pocket diapers. I found myself reaching for the AIO styles first as they were easiest to go from the laundry basket straight on baby.

My husband wasn’t as enthusiastic about cloth diapering and would only use the all-in-one (AIO) diapers, or pocket diapers I had already stuffed with inserts. I wasn’t entirely happy with the diaper stash I had… I experienced frustration cleaning solids off the diapers with layers and folds of fabric, even though I used a spray attachment. For my baby’s sake, problems included wetness on his skin, developing a rash after a long sleep, leaks after short uses in the trimmer styles, and stiffness of material when wet…imagine having a piece of wet cardboard in your pants! Drying time of more absorbent diapers took forever. I was determined to design an easy to use, high quality AIO diaper that met all of mine and baby’s needs. That’s when ideas came to mind of the ideal AIO diaper that would not have all these drawbacks.

I was concerned that the price point of the high quality AIO diaper I wanted to sell, due to the expensive materials and endless hours of development, would turn off cloth diapering parents.
But then, after using my handmade diapers on my son and seeing how easy they were for me and how super trim and comfortable they were for him, I no longer wanted to use even my most favourite “limited edition” print diaper (which cost me a pretty penny) made by a leading brand. I sold or donated my previous stash of diapers, and my husband and I enjoyed using our Alimama diapers so much that he convinced me that other parents and caregivers would benefit and love using Alimama diapers on their precious little ones, too.
I decided it was the perfect time to share the amazing comfortable feeling that our and your babies want to wear!

Katrina, founder of Alimama