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The NEW Alimama One Size Diaper

A newborn diaper was in our plans at Alimama. After we created a newborn sized diaper and tested it on our new addition to the Alimama family, we decided it was probably not the best route to go.

While it was super tiny and cute, and had a trimmer fit than our one-sized diaper, the newborn diaper just didn’t absorb enough (even with hemp inserts) and didn’t have the capacity to be stuffed with cotton prefolds-which seem to work great for fast and frequent pee-ers like ours! The NB diaper was also quickly outgrown, and we know our little peanut isn’t the only super fast growing baby out there! The cost and time to make our handmade newborn diaper was close to that of the one-sized diaper, so the price would reflect that. Plus, mama’s hands got stuck while stuffing inserts into the little pocket! :s We didn’t expect to get much love for it so we came up with something better that newborns could fit too! We strive to provide you with cloth diapers you will LOVE to use on your precious babies every day!

The New Alimama One Size diaper resolves all these drawbacks, while fitting a larger size range than our previous OS diaper. The new design will be offered in Pocket and All-in-One styles. The pocket diaper can be used as a swim diaper too! Just keep pocket empty (no absorbent materials).
AND, another fun use for our empty pocket diaper is on top of a DISPOSABLE diaper, for blowout protection!! YAY! The elastics are tight enough to hold everything in, yet gentle for little chubby legs:)

Hand crafted by our family for yours!
Making cloth diapering easier for you and comfier for your baby since 2015 ♥

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