These diapers fit both my 5 month old daughter and my 21 month old son perfectly! I really like the fit of these diapers and how trim they are being an [all-in-one] AIO. I love that I can adjust the insert more to the front for my son, or have it all the way in for my daughter. These diapers are so trim, my children don’t have to size up in pants to fit the diaper and it is nearly as trim as a disposable. I also love that even though they are an AIO diaper, there is still a pocket so I can add extra absorbency if needed for long naps, car rides or overnights. I also love that the insert part of the diaper agitates out on its own in the wash…this is a definite perk. I definitely recommend these diapers. I love the prints and love that they are made local! Well worth the money!!
Katie N.

I LOVE them, they’re cushy and soft. I feel like she will be able to get a lot of use out of them as she grows, they fit really great on her and we haven’t had any leaks! I like having the pocket in front too, it makes washing and folding easy! And I love the prints you use! I am not sure if we are having more children, but it makes me want to have more so I can use them again because they are so great!
Lindsay H.

Adorable… love having the extra pocket to stuff, due to my kid being a heavy wetter.
Jessica H.
I love them.  My LO is almost 3 months now and his Alimama diapers fit his chunky little legs so well 🙂 The quality is great and the patterns are so cute. We have had no leaking and the mesh lining makes them super easy to wash.  We also LOVE that they are Canadian made.  I can’t wait to see these diapers grow with my little man.
Kellie G.

I love these diapers!! Our Halloween one is my daughter’s fave – she calls it her spooky diaper. They are great because the opening is not on the poop side – so no poop hands when I fish out the insert 🙂 The quality is excellent and they hold up well in the washer and dryer, we’ve had our halloween one for a few months and it still looks new.
Julie P.


All materials used were of high quality.
This is a very trim diaper, even when worn by Norah, who is now just shy of 16 lbs. At that age, one size diapers are often still quite bulky. It’s also very absorbent which is always a nice combo. I haven’t used it overnight yet but it held up amazing during a few marathon napping sessions. And for a four month old who likes to eat that is sayin’ something. Read entire review here
Jennifer Reinhardt – All About Cloth Diapers.com